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Design and Installation

Equestrian Arenas

We specialize in designs that meet the functional needs of equestrians, while creating spaces that are beautiful and long lasting. Whether you need a simple stone dust arena or a more complex one with the sand and footing of your preference, we offer designs and solutions that offer the

most value for your farm.

Our process includes, taking soil samples of the existing soils, and a focus on a solid sub-grade that meets 95% compaction. This is the essential foundation of any riding surface. Without a consistent and properly compacted sub-grade, all the toppings can be a waste of money.

We also take into consideration drainage, around the outside of the surface,

and offer sub-terainian drainage systems for those

who enjoy riding in a rain storm.

We offer either Walker Sand or a few manufactured sands

to choose from depending on your footing choice,

Premier's ProTex, ProStride, GGT, and other footings.

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